The Unavailable Players list is compiled by the ISFL player management system and is correct at this time.
This list is not coherent with any County FA suspensions. Please check the FA website for additional information.
Please be aware that this may change before the fixture is due to take place.
Great Blakenham Chequers Res.
kieran doggett (A)
kieran doggett
Appearances: 127
Goals: 9
Grade: A
shane fricker (A)
shane fricker
Appearances: 78
Goals: 40
Grade: A
mark mcardle (B)
mark mcardle
Appearances: 54
Goals: 9
Grade: B
Athletico Once
tim beckett (B)
Tim Beckett
Appearances: 101
Goals: 49
Grade: B
stuart lockwood (B)
Stuart Lockwood
Appearances: 139
Goals: 30
Grade: B
andrew lockwood (B)
Andrew Lockwood
Appearances: 101
Goals: 1
Grade: B

Unavailable Players