The Unavailable Players list is compiled by the ISFL player management system and is correct at this time.
This list is not coherent with any County FA suspensions. Please check the FA website for additional information.
Please be aware that this may change before the fixture is due to take place.
The Golden Eagles FC
odailson bartolomeu (B)
fabio cande (B)
joao cruz (B)
pedro dinis (B)
yuri fernandes (B)
eduards gordejevs (B)
keagan green-thompson (B)
liam johnson (B)
miguel magalhaes de pinho (B)
Ipswich Elite
ian buxton (B)
ensa dabo (B)
craig ford (B)
james moore (B)
daniel alfonso
edson alfonso
adriano alves
jack beattie
wesley da silva
bruno fernandes
jorge miguel santana fernandes
daequan glymin
nikolajs gordejevs
miguel guedes
robson hermisdolfe
kerry joseph
amaro julio
olatunde lawal
edwaldo leite
edgar melo
nuno nogueira
cornell o'connor
roberto renner
filipe saraiva
jack stannard
artur ricardo verdades
josh clark
augustin florea
joe hinchcliffe
steven jones
lee mallon
daniel marandescu
rell youngs