The Unavailable Players list is compiled by the ISFL player management system and is correct at this time.
This list is not coherent with any County FA suspensions. Please check the FA website for additional information.
Please be aware that this may change before the fixture is due to take place.
Gardeners Arms
jordan bell (B)
william boosey (B)
anthony cockerill (B)
jack dillon (B)
rijan haque (B)
james ingham (B)
daniel ingham (B)
luke kingham-jones (B)
daniel mclaughlin (B)
connor padmore (B)
blaine parker (B)
toby rose (B)
jordan rowe (B)
matthew shaw (B)
craig sutton (B)
jack young (B)
Phoenix FC
shaun baker (B)
rio bowen (B)
darren gorham (B)
charlie jones (B)
danny polson (B)
josh sands (B)
daniel ward (B)
william weller (B)
riley whiting (B)
ayhan yildiz (B)
jack blanchard