The Unavailable Players list is compiled by the ISFL player management system and is correct at this time.
This list is not coherent with any County FA suspensions. Please check the FA website for additional information.
Please be aware that this may change before the fixture is due to take place.
Foxhall United
warren beckett (B)
gavin clyne (B)
reece clyne (B)
harry craddock (B)
callum gaskell (B)
luke gibbons (B)
luke gilson (B)
patrick howard (B)
andrew hua (B)
owen hughes (B)
nathan jacobs (B)
ryan jay (B)
jacob knock (B)
josh mclaughlin (B)
corin page (B)
max sargeant (B)
kane webster (B)
zak youngman (B)
Gainsborough United
brandon archer (B)
jack bates (B)
joshua bickers (B)
alfie bradbrook (B)
archie coombes (B)
warren curtis (B)
tyler dickson (B)
owen dunn (B)
luke dunn (B)
ryan hassell (B)
michael jopling (B)
callum meadows (B)
trenai munnings (B)
lewis smy (B)
daniel smy (B)
billy smy (B)
connor welham (B)
ashley brill
kieran brunning
joseph elliott
bradley mills
ashley wootton
cool coombes
bailey tye