Match Report

Match Type
Division 4
Fixture Date
Sun 1 November 2020
Kick Off Time
10:30 am
Appointed Referee
adrian kersey
Goals: 0
Yellow Cards: 0
Red Cards: 0
The Panthers FC
Wickham Wanderers Fc
Note: Wickham Wanderers Fc have been penalised for playing an ineligible player in this fixture.
Starting Lineup
dean harris
ashley mulligan
tony brunt
liam mulligan
kieran garrod
charlie farrow
dylan brown
macaulay dufton
samuel quinton
angelo iachetta
kenneth fry
rio bowen
darren masters
curtis pryke
niall king
taylor bosanquet
james hill
jamie crane
kyle burrows
thomas brown
keiffer sewell
liam mickleburgh
charlie farrow
john collis
kieran garrod
matthew king
tony brunt
lewis webb
turner matthias
keiffer sewell
mathew morgan
darren masters