The Unavailable Players list is compiled by the ISFL player management system and is correct at this time.
This list is not coherent with any County FA suspensions. Please check the FA website for additional information.
Please be aware that this may change before the fixture is due to take place.
Martlesham Old Boys FC
nick aldred (C)
nick aldred
Appearances: 25
Goals: 5
Grade: C
edward barton (A)
edward barton
Appearances: 113
Goals: 33
Grade: A
andrew cutting (A)
andrew cutting
Appearances: 100
Goals: 24
Grade: A
louis godden (A)
louis godden
Appearances: 40
Goals: 1
Grade: A
rory jackson (A)
rory jackson
Appearances: 84
Goals: 8
Grade: A
andrew lisette (A)
andrew lisette
Appearances: 48
Goals: 2
Grade: A
jack mcgarvey (A)
jack mcgarvey
Appearances: 22
Goals: 1
Grade: A
tim melero (A)
tim melero
Appearances: 53
Goals: 4
Grade: A
nick melero (A)
nick melero
Appearances: 40
Goals: 3
Grade: A
paul munnings (A)
paul munnings
Appearances: 104
Goals: 0
Grade: A
chris neophytou (C)
chris neophytou
Appearances: 46
Goals: 8
Grade: C
nathan peck (C)
nathan peck
Appearances: 56
Goals: 43
Grade: C
daniel smith (C)
daniel smith
Appearances: 60
Goals: 10
Grade: C
robin stafford (C)
robin stafford
Appearances: 64
Goals: 2
Grade: C
paul tooke (A)
paul tooke
Appearances: 17
Goals: 1
Grade: A
Bramford Cock FC

Unavailable Players